Best Rinnai Tankless Water Heater Reviews

Rinnai Tankless Water Heater Reviews

Over the course of many years, several manufacturers have battled it out to emerge king of the industry. Unfortunately, not a single company has been able to come out victorious. A few do set themselves apart from the competition, but the battle wages on and will likely continue to do so for eternity. One of the companies, which has managed to turn heads, is Rinnai. The company has been in the industry for nearly 100 years and they’ve seen it all and have done it all, while consistently pushing the water heating technology for further betterment. Is this Japanese company your best bet, when scouring the market for a water heater? Continue reading below to find out!

About Rinnai

Rinnai Logo

Again, Rinnai has been in the industry for nearly 100 years and they’ve commit themselves to delivering nothing, but the absolute best. Through technology, teamwork and innovation, the company has managed to become one of the leading manufacturers of tankless water heaters. Although they’re currently headquartered out of Japan, they have a comprehensive network of subsidiaries and sales offices, which allow them to target 13 different countries. To ensure their products continue to remain on the cutting edge of science and technology, the company employs over 600 development engineers and researchers.All facilities are ISO 14001 and/or ISO 9001 certified, so you can rest assured knowing Rinnai will provide you with a safe, reliable water heater. The company prides itself on its Rinnai tankless water heaters, since they’re capable of saving the consumer as much as 40% on water heating costs, while delivering the water that is very much needed and desired.

The Company’s Lineup

When scouring through the company’s enormous portfolio, you’ll easily be able to find a Rinnai water heater that will suit your precise needs. It may take a little extra effort though, since the company’s lineup is immense. However, regardless of which Rinnai heater you purchase, you will benefit enormous. Their water heaters will deliver endless hot water and enormous efficiency. They’re also a smart investment, since they can improve the home’s energy efficiency rating and all Rinnai tankless heaters are LEED certified. And the best aspect of all is that they can be purchased with rebates and tax credits, so they’ll save you money in numerous ways.

Another thing worth mentioning is the eco-friendliness of the Rinnai water heaters. They’re capable of helping you conserve natural resources and the majority of the company’s water heaters will only release a small amount of CO2. The combination makes the company’s water heaters a worthy investment for almost anyone.

Rinnai Warranty


When investing in a Rinnai hot water heater, the consumer will be able to maintain their peace of mind knowing the product will be built to last. Still, the company delivers an impressive warranty offering, which will provide even more reassurance. Checking with your documentation is a necessity, since the specific warranty duration depends on the model in question. However, many of the company’s products come with a 12-year warranty on the heat exchanger, when the product is using in a residential setting and installed with an isolation valve kit.

The company also provides 5-years on parts and 1-year on reasonable labor.

Most Notable Rinnai Models

The Rinnai water heaters are truly top of the line in terms of technology and quality. Below, you’ll be able to take a better look at some of the company’s best offerings.

Rinnai V53e-NG Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater

The Rinnai V53e-NG tankless water heater is definitely designed with the consumer in mind. Its compact and freeze prove technology allows for an anywhere installation. This model will make the perfect pool house or basement water heater. With a 5.3 GPM, you are assured of hot water whenever you need it and as much as you need. The V53E-NG is very unique in design, as it has a chrome finish. This feature not only adds eye appeal, but ensures durability and longevity.

The energy efficient tankless water heater will not drive up your energy bill. In fact, it will decrease it by nearly 82%, plus it can be converted from a natural gas operation to liquid propane. The manufacturer has put this unit to the test to ensure consumers that it is totally safe for the environment. It meets or exceeds the Texas and California NOX emissions standards, so you can rest assured that it will not emit toxic fumes.

Rinnai V53e-NG

  • Space saving design and wall mounted for more floor space
  • Certified for manufactured or mobile home installation
  • Fuel configuration options (natural gas or liquid propane)
  • Put through rigorous testing and meets NOX emissions standards
  • 120 Degree Fahrenheit preset temperature
  • Chrome finish
  • Constructed out of heavy duty metal
  • GPM – 5.3
  • Suitable for a 1-2 bath home
  • Outdoor installation option
  • Includes a 12-year manufacturer’s warranty on heat exchanger, 5-years on parts, and 1-year on labor (isolation valve must be utilized to receive the maximum warranty)

Overall, the Rinnai V53e-NG tankless water heater is one of the best and most affordable models on the market. Its compact size (21” H X 7.7” D X 13.8” W) will offer a space saving installation and the chrome beige finish will envelop into any existing interior or exterior décor.

Rinnai V65e Tankless Hot Water Heater

Those looking for an excellent tankless hot water heater, which is suitable for indoor installations, will definitely want to examine the V65e. This specific model offers an abundance of benefits, which will make it more than suitable for average households. It works with natural gas and propane, so the homeowners will be able to pick and choose their preferred method. The unit also uses a water flow sensor and is capable of producing a maximum of 6.5 GPM of hot water each minute. It can input 150,000 BTU and allows the user to customize the temperature to suit their precise desires.

Rinnai V65e

  • A maximum of 6.5 GPM water flow
  • Temperature range of 98 to 120-degrees Fahrenheit
  • Works with propane and natural gas
  • Energy factor of .82
  • 10-year warranty on heater exchange. 12-years, if isolation valve kit is installed
  • Weighs just 45.6 pounds for an easier install

The Rinnai V65e is truly an excellent investment. Its solid performance is more than capable of providing a moderate to large family with all of the hot water they’ll ever need. Throw in the compact, lightweight nature of the water heater and it is great for almost any space.

Rinnai RU80

If you’re looking for an incredible tankless water heater and do not mind spending a little extra, you owe it to yourself to check out the Rinnai RU80 Indoor Tankless Water Heater. Thanks to an impressive performance and overall build, this Rinnai hot water heater is definitely one of the best from the company. It has an energy factor rating of .94 max, so you can guarantee it’ll use less energy and will save you money. It is capable of accepting 157,000 maximum BTUs.

Since the unit can deliver a total of 8 GPM water flow, it is ideal for all family sizes. And, if you’re the type of person, who wants to protect the environment, this unit is a no-brainer. It emits very little NOx emissions and even passes the current standards set by the states of Texas and California.

Rinnai RU80

  • Incredibly efficient with an energy factor of just .94
  • Inputs 157,000 maximum BTU
  • Delivers 8 gallons of hot water per minute
  • Emits very little NOx
  • 97% thermal efficiency
  • Works seamlessly with all Rinnai digital controllers
  • 12-year warranty on exchanger, when isolation valve is used
  • 5-years on parts and 1-year on labor

When it comes down to it, the Rinnai RU80 is a good investment and will deliver satisfaction for the mass majority of households. It is very sleek and can be installed almost anywhere. Plus, it is energy efficient and capable of delivering a substantial amount of hot water. For the price, it is truly a worthy investment.

Rinnai RLX94iN

The Rinnai RLX94iN is a luxurious tankless water heater that will make a great addition to any home. It is capable of producing up to 192,000 BTU inputs, which ensures continuous hot water. This model also meets the NOX emissions standard, so the exhausts will not damage the ozone layer or your lungs.

Rinnai RLX94iN

  • Can input a maximum of 199,000 BTU
  • 83% Thermal efficiency
  • Allows user to adjust the temperature from 98 to 140-degrees Fahrenheit
  • Comes with Digital controllers and error code indicator
  • Weighs just 50 pounds
  • 9.4 GPM water flow
  • 12-year warranty on heater exchanger, or 10-year, if isolation valve isn’t used
  • 5-years on parts and 1-year on labor
  • Energy Star certified for great energy savings

The Rinnai RLX94iN is rated one of the best tankless water heaters available on the market. It is constructed out of high-grade materials and contains only premium components. The exterior finish and design is very unique, so it will easily envelop into any existing home décor. The digital control panel will offer tons of convenience, plus you will be able to monitor the water temperature with ease.