Best EcoSmart Tankless Water Heater Reviews

EcoSmart Tankless Water Heater Reviews

When you scour through EcoSmart’s portfolio, you may not recognize the company’s products as water heaters right away. This is no coincidence. The tankless water heater manufacturer has completely revolutionized the appliance in terms of aesthetics, stature and ease of installation. Although their products might not be ideal for all consumers or all scenarios, they’re undoubtedly innovative and will work substantially well within a few key situations. In fact, the company is highly regarded for their products, which are capable of delivering hot water whenever you need it. When using properly, an EcoSmart water heater could save the consumer as much as 50% on their water heating costs. Continue reading below to learn about the EcoSmart tankless models and the company itself.

About EcoSmart

EcoSmart Logo

EcoSmart has been in the industry for only a moderate period of time, but they’ve already made an impact on the market. They focus entirely on water heating technologies and do their best to develop water heaters, which are efficient and eco-friendly. The company sincerely believes in the importance of water and energy conservation, which is why they strive to develop green energy products that can exceed the performances of the alternatives. To date, the company’s products are distributed through an assortment of retailers, so they’re readily available for almost everyone.

Company Certifications

Before rushing forward and investing in an EcoSmart water heater, you should take the time to learn about the company’s certifications. All water heaters produced by the company are ETL Certified to UL 499. This helps to give the consumers the reassurance that the product complies with all North American Safety Standards. Purchasing a water heater, which is not Certified UL would be dangerous and could put your family in harm’s way! Sticking with EcoSmart and their UL Certified water heaters is recommended.

The company also meets all standards set forth by the CSSA. Suffice to say, you can rest assured knowing EcoSmart water heaters are safe and reliable!

Ecosmart Warranty


Another thing to take into account is the warranty provided by EcoSmart. The company has shown time and again that they’re willing to stand behind their products, while also protecting the consumer from frustrations. Not only does the company have a technical support team to help you get precisely what is needed, but they also offer excellent warranties on the majority of their products. Although it depends on the specific model in question, most come with either a 1 or 5-year warranty on the exchanger, elements and electronics. Some also come with a 5-year warranty for leaks and 2-year warranty on parts.

Most Notable EcoSmart Models


Ecosmart POU 3.5 Electric Tankless Water Heater

A lot of homeowners will prefer an electric water heater, since they’re easier to install and simple to maintain. If you happen to concur with this statement, you’ll want to do yourself a favor and learn about the RTE 3 Water Heater. This specific model is capable of delivering an endless supply of hot water to a moderate to large household and offers hot water on demand. It can also be utilized for point-of-use applications. The unit is incredibly versatile and the benefits provided are enormous. The installation is simple and rapid, while the unit’s efficiency is stunning.

The product utilizes a modulating heat exchanger for improved efficiency. You’ll never have to worry about standby head loss easier and this will push your home’s energy consumption down even further. Plus, the unit requires no venting, so greenhouse gases are virtually eliminated.

Ecosmart POU 3.5 Electric Tankless Water Heater

  • This is the smallest sized water heater in the Ecosmart lineup, which makes it perfect for under the sink installation
  • Capable of heating water to a 105 degrees Fahrenheit with 1 minute
  • The dimensions of the product are 7” H x 4” D x 9”L and only weighs 4.5 pounds
  • Uses 1/2” plumbing connections, which is the industry standard for plumbing pipe, so this should make the installation easier
  • Includes a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on the heating element and electronics

The ecosmart POU 3.5 has a durable construction and premium components to ensure longevity. If you are looking for a unique heating source for your bathroom or pool room, you should definitely keep this model in mind.

Ecosmart POU 6 Electric Tankless Water Heater

When you get tired of taking a cold shower, you will need to invest in a compact electric tankless water heater. The Ecosmart POU may be exactly what you are looking for, because it contains all of the features and components needed to provide you with continuous hot water. This is an energy efficient model that will cut your electric bill by 60%, which will save you a significant amount of money over time.

The Ecosmart tankless water heater is suitable for a single application such as a sink or wet bar. It requires a 220-volt electric source, which is fairly general, even with the electric tank model. With capabilities of heating 1/2 gallon of water every minute from 42 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit, will ensure water temperature stability.

Ecosmart POU 6 Electric Tankless Water Heater

  • GPM – 1
  • Includes a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on all electronics and heating element
  • Operates on electricity only
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Includes wall installation hardware
  • Includes wall installation hardware
  • Energy Star rating
  • Comes with a 0.5 GPM sink aerator

Overall, the Ecosmart POU 6 is suitable for warm climate only. The installation process is a breeze and can easily be placed on any wall with access to an electrical source. Please note that this model must be installed by a professional plumber, in order to receive the full benefits of the warranty.

Ecosmart ECO 18 Electric Tankless Water Heater

How would you like to supply your home with an endless amount of hot water? Well, with the Ecosmart Electric Tankless Water Heater this is a complete possibility. All you have to do is make sure that you choose your application correctly. Each state has a different water inlet temperature. For instance, southern Florida has an inlet water temperature of 77 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas, northern Florida’s is 67 degrees Fahrenheit.

The model is also capable of pumping out 1.5 gallons of water per minute at 105 degrees Fahrenheit. The unit also comes with a digital temperature control, which allows users to adjust their water temperature by 1-degree increments.

With that being said this water heater can be used in colder inlet temperature climates, but it is recommended to operate one application like a single sink or shower. The sleek compact design of this water heater will actually help save you some storage space, as the dimensions are 12” W x 9.5” L x 4” D and only weighs 4.8 pounds. On top of all of this you receive a lifetime warranty on the electronics, heating elements, and exchanger. Unfortunately, the warranty will not cover labor costs.

Ecosmart ECO 18 Electric Tankless Water Heater

  • Includes a lifetime warranty
  • Sleek compact design
  • Provides endless hot water
  • Digital temperature control allows easy adjustments
  • Can be installed on a wall for more floor space

The Ecosmart ECO 18 is a high-quality electric water heater that will offer many years of continuous hot water. This model will make the perfect addition to any bathroom, shower stall, or wet bar.

EcoSmart ECO 24

If you reside in a medium to large home and need a reliable hot water heater, you should definitely consider adding the ECO 24 to your arsenal. The unit might be affordable and compact, but it delivers an immense amount of hot water and a solid performance day in and day out. On top of that, this water heater will save your family a good amount of money. With the unit’s compact design, you will be able to save more space for additional storage.

EcoSmart ECO 24

  • Energy efficiency of 99.8%
  • Weighs just 13.75 pounds
  • Copper exchanger is designed to last
  • Ideal for moderate to large family homes
  • Digital temperature control offers 1-degree changes
  • Self-modulating technology helps you save even more energy and money
  • Stylish and doesn’t need to be hidden out of sight

Truly, the Eco 24 is an outstanding investment, which will surprise a lot of homeowners. It delivers a large quantity of water, offers temperature customization and won’t clog up your entire closet or bathroom. Suffice to say, it is well worth its price.

EcoSmart Eco 27

It is safe to say that the EcoSmart 27 has become one of the company’s most successful products. When scouring through the product’s features and specifications, you’ll find plenty of reasoning behind the public sentiment. First and foremost, the unit is incredibly compact, but still capable of satisfying the hot water needs of a large home. Even in colder climates, the unit can deliver a surprisingly amount of water and would easily suffice for Jacuzzis and hot tubs. To top it off, the Eco 27 will also save your household 50% on your utility bills.

The water heater features a digital temperature control mechanism, which allows the user to configure the temperature by as little a 1-degree at a time. All components are manufactured from stainless and copper for additional longevity and durability. The Eco 27 features innovative self-modulating technology, which gives it the ability to adjust energy consumption based on the amount of hot water required. This pushes your energy savings higher, while forcing your electricity bill lower.

EcoSmart Eco 27

  • Helps to save as much as 50% on water heating costs
  • Self-modulating technology decreases energy usage substantially
  • Temperature control offers 1-degree increment changes
  • Components are designed to last and manufactured from stainless and copper
  • Compact size gives you more storage space
  • Lengthy warranty delivers added peace of mind

The EcoSmart Eco 27 is ideal for almost anyone. It can accommodate the hot water needs of a large single-family home and can help the consumer save substantially on their electricity bill. Plus, it comes with an extensive warranty, as long as you have the unit professionally installed, which is highly recommended.