Best Tankless Water Heater Reviews

Welcome to our website, We are “The Plumber Bros“, at first we will go through our tankless water heater reviews to make sure you will get your money’s worth by investing in the highest value tankless heater.

As the man of the house, you should be able to run your household as you please. When you return home after a long day at work, you deserve to kick back on the couch and remain in control of the remote at all times, right?

Before hitting the couch, you’ve got to shower. And nothing can diminish the bliss of being at home quicker or more severely than an inefficient hot water heater….been there.
Even the most heinous individuals in the world aren’t subject to cold showers. You shouldn’t be either. You demand and deserve better!

The good news is that perfection and consistently hot water can be acquired very easily. Just invest in a tankless water heater and your worries will be eliminated.

Within this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn all about these products, their benefits, and everything you need to know to select the right one for your household.

How it works

tankless water heater reviews

  1. A hot water tap is opened.
  2. The Water enters the heater.
  3. A water Flow sensor Detects the water Flow
  4. The Computer automatically ignites the burner
  5. The water circulate through the heat exchange (coil).
  6. The heat exchanger instantly heats the water at the designated temperature (this takes only 5 seconds)
  7. The heater can provide you with endless hot water continuously so no more running out of hot water in the middle of a shower!
  8. when the hot water tap is turned off, the unit shuts down automatically.

The Differences

Most of you are familiar with the term tankless and you have a decent understanding of the basics, but many cannot fully grasp the concept of a tankless water heater. What sets it apart from the tradition, storage water heaters?

In order to fully understand the differences, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the basics of both. Below, you’ll find a quick breakdown of both models.

  • Storage Water Heater

    Storage models have been around for an extensive period of time. Despite the growing popularity of tankless models, the storage types are still much more common, due to their inexpensive cost. With a storage water heater, the water is heated and stored within an insulted tank. The amount of water the tank can hold will vary, with the most common falling between twenty and one hundred and twenty gallons. These models can utilize gas burners or electric heating elements. Storage models tend to be less energy efficient than the alternatives, due to the substantial heat loss.

  • Tankless Water Heaters

    Tankless models have actually been around for several decades, but have only started taking off within the past ten years or so. They can be installed near the point of use, such as near the sink or somewhere else in the bathroom. Or, the installation is centralized. This gives the water heater the ability to sufficiently supply the entire home with hot water. And, as the tankless setup implies, these water heaters heat water almost instantly, so there is no need for a storage tank. In a sense, the thankless varieties offer hot water on demand.

Truly, there is a time and place for both types of water heaters. Your home, your preferences and your budget will play a vital role in determining the right one for you and your family. However, it is undeniable that tankless varieties offer an abundance of benefits and they’ll be explored in greater detail below.

Advantages Of Tankless Water Heaters

Many consumers will shy away from tankless water heaters, due to their slightly costlier price. Before you proceed in the same manner, you should take the time to analyze the advantage of these models. Once you do, you’ll discover that the single con will be greatly overshadowed by the performance and cost saving benefits of the tankless varieties.

If you’re not yet convinced, you’ll want to analyze the advantages below.

  • Improved Efficiency

    Since tankless models only heat up the water when it is required, they’re much more efficient than the storage types. Instead of consistently warming up one hundred and twenty gallons of water, the tankless varieties only heat up the precise amount of water that is needed.

  • Saving Money

    Another major benefit associated with tankless models is the fact that they’ll save your household a substantial amount of money from month to month. As mentioned above, these models are much more energy efficient. They do not run consistently and only use energy when it is absolutely necessary. Plus, the need for a standing pilot light is eliminated.

  • Improves Value

    As a homeowner, it is always a good idea to try and increase and maintain your home’s value to the best of your ability. There are numerous ways to do this, but many overlook their home’s appliances. By improving your home’s Energy Rating System Index Score, you’ll simultaneously increase its value. And, tankless water heaters can help you achieve both goals.

  • Generally Compact

    Another major benefit associated with tankless models is the fact that they’ll save your household a substantial amount of money from month to month. As mentioned above, these models are much more energy efficient. They do not run consistently and only use energy when it is absolutely necessary. Plus, the need for a standing pilot light is eliminated.

  • Improves Value

    As a homeowner, it is always a good idea to try and increase and maintain your home’s value to the best of your ability. There are numerous ways to do this, but many overlook their home’s appliances. By improving your home’s Energy Rating System Index Score, you’ll simultaneously increase its value. And, tankless water heaters can help you achieve both goals.

  • Generally Compact

    One of the biggest downfalls of traditional water heaters is their overall size. They are big, bulky, and very heavy. This can complicate the installation process substantially. Tankless alternatives are the opposite. Since they require fewer internal components, they come in a condensed package and are generally lighter in weight. Whether you wish to avoid hurting your back or just want something more compact, you should definitely opt for a tankless model.

  • Avoid Cold Showers

    Tankless heaters can help you eliminate cold showers once and for all. That could very well be the best advantage of all. Once the hot water has been used from the tank of a traditional model, it is gone, until it can reheat and refill the tank. Depending on the model you have and its specifications, this could take anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour! Nobody has that amount of time, so the switch to a tankless model is truly a no-brainer.

tankless water heater sizing

What Size Tankless Water Heater Should You Choose?

In order to truly benefit from the purchase of a tankless water heater, you’ll need to put in a little bit of effort to ensure you get the best tankless water heater for your specific needs. More specifically, you’ll need to focus on getting the right size.

If you get an on demand water heater that is simply too small, it will not be able to provide a sufficient amount of hot water to your faucets. If your water heater is too big, it’ll provide a good amount of water, but it may also utilize an excessive amount of energy and this will run up your electric bill rapidly.

Selecting a tankless model is a bit more complicated than pinpoint a storage model. In order to select the right tankless type, you’ll need to examine the product’s flow rate and temperature rise.

1. First, you’ll want to examine the faucets throughout your home and calculate their flow rates in terms of gallons per minute. Once you’ve come to a definite figure, you’ll want to look at the water heater’s specifications and ensure it’ll be able to accommodate your home’s water flow rate.

2. Secondly, You’ll also need to inspect the water’s temperature as it enters your home.

Most households will experience an incoming water temperature of fifty degrees Fahrenheit. In order to achieve temperatures of one hundred and twenty degrees, you’ll want a water heater, which has a temperature rise of seventy degrees.

How to choose your tankless water heater

  1. Choose your application, ie. shower, bath tub or vanity sink-faucet, kitchen sink faucet or washer. See chart below.
    For example: you choose a kitchen sink faucet. See application chart below and locate your flow rate. for example your flow rate is 1.5 gpm.tankless water heater flow rate
  2. On the map, locate the average water temperature in your area.
    For example: your water temperature (in Atlanta) is 55average water temperature map

    For Hawaii and Puerto Rico, use
    ground water temperature of 75 degrees.

    NOTE: Water temperatures will vary by
    section and year to year. Please select the coldest
    water temperature expected for your specific location.

  3. Use the water temperature and flow rate chart to determine the model you need.
    For example: 1.5 gpm flow rate + 55= RETE 9.water temperature and flow rate chart

Water Heater Replacement Cost: 5 Important
Factors To Consider

Replacing a water heater can be a challenging task, especially if you are not mechanically inclined. Many homeowners are capable of turning the replacement into a DIY project, but others are not so lucky.

There are 5 important factors to consider, when you are tackling your water heater replacement. Below, you will discover more about these factors and how to break them down, so you can form a solid decision on how to approach the replacement process.

  • Cost

    Before tackling the actual replacement process, you will need to sit down with your significant other to develop a financial budget. The budget should include the installation fees, new water heater, and other supplies. The replacement can easily cost anywhere from $200-1,000 and this is not to even mention the water heater itself.

  • Water Heater Type

    You will have four different water heaters to choose from, including tankless, gas (tank), hybrid heat pump, and electric (tank). Of course, the tankless model will cost significantly higher than the other options. Many homeowners will opt to modernize their water heater system, by replacing their damaged water heater with a tankless water heater. Just remember, if you choose to go this route, you will need to increase your financial budget by two-folds.

  • DIY or Hire a Professional Plumber

    The most important decision that you will need to ponder is whether or not you want to undertake the project by yourself or hire a professional plumber. If you opt to go the DIY route, you will save anywhere between 25-50% on the total costs. This is a significant saving, but if you are not mechanically inclined, you will not have this option open to you.

  • Water Tank Size

    Another very important question that will need to be pondered is the size. If you have a large home and family, you will need to invest in a water heater that is capable of producing a high quantity of hot water over a short period of time. For instant, the gas and electric tank water heater is available in various sizes, ranging from 6-80 gallons. The tankless water heater is also available in many different sizes, with a varying GPM (Gallons Per Minute) rating.

  • Energy Source

    To reduce the replacement costs, many homeowners will opt to replace the old water heater with one that is similar. If you choose the tankless water heater, you will be able to choose a model that utilizes a specific energy source. You can choose from liquid propane, electric, and natural gas. If the existing water heater utilizes electricity, it will be much easier to replace it with an electric water heater. If you opt to invest in a model that utilizes a different fuel source than the existing water heater, you will be looking at a higher replacement cost.

As mentioned above, if you choose a water heater that utilizes a different fuel source than your existing water heater, you will need to make alterations to the plumbing. For instance, if you prefer the gas tankless water heater, you will need to hire a professional plumber to run gas pipe.

You will also need to contact the local gas company and request them to install a gas meter near your home. This company will also need to run a pipeline to your property, where the plumber will connect directly to the meter and run the piping into the home.

tankless water heater brands

Top 9 Best Tankless Water Heaters

When narrowing down your options and pinpoint the best instant water heater for your needs, you’ll need to scour through an array of different factors. Once you’ve done this, you’ll know exactly what you need and then will be able to find a gas or electric tankless hot water heater, which is capable of delivering those necessities. Before delving too far into the tankless water heater reviews, you’ll first want to examine the top brands.

Intro To Best Tankless Water Heater

When scouring through the market, you’ll come across an array of different brands, including Bosch, EcoSmart, Rheem, and Noritz. Some of these companies specialize in water heaters, while others manufacture an assortment of different products.
The brand itself is important, since you’ll want to be able to rely on the warranty and customer service, if anything happens to your water heater. Below, you’ll be able to learn about the top water heater brands on the market.


tankless water heater bosch

If you’ve ever shopped for a home appliance, power tool, or anything else for your home, you’ve most likely have come across the Bosch brand. The company has been around for a long period of time and there is truly no end to their range of products. They manufacture power tools, hand tools, and of course, water heaters. The company offers a large lineup of tankless water heaters, including electric and gas models.
Bosch ensures all of their water heaters meet or excel the NAECA Standards set forth by the United States Department of Energy. They offer electric and gas water heaters, which are capable of saving the consumer up to fifty percent on their utility bills. Although it depends on the specific model, the company offers a solid warranty on many of their water heaters, including five years on parts and one year on labor. And better yet, having your water heater installed by one of Bosch ABC Contractors will extend your warranty by one year!

Bradford White

tankless water heater bradford-white

Bradford white is yet another excellent manufacturer of tankless water heaters. The company protects the majority of their water heaters with either a six year or three-year warranty. The company’s history is very eventful and dates back to 1881. Today, the Philadelphia-based company offers some of the most technologically impressive water heating devices on the market. The company is proud of their expansive R&D lab, where the majority of their products are designed and engineered.
Bradford offers commercial and residential water heaters, so you can guarantee you’ll be able to find something within their portfolio to suit your needs. Amongst some of the company’s product, you’ll find an input of 199,000 BTU an hour, incredible temperature stability and a fully functional modulating burner. Suffice to say, you’ll always get a good performance from a Bradford tankless water heater.


tankless water heater ecosmart

There are many excellent manufacturers of water heaters and EcoSmart is one of the few that specializes solely in these products. The company puts an extensive amount of effort into developing compact, sleek units, which are capable of saving the consumer space, money, and energy.

Another major benefit of EcoSmart is the fact that their tankless water heater is the only one on the market that is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. This will definitely raise the value of these products within the eyes of many consumers.

The company is well known for their self-modulating technologies, which can save the consumer up to 50% of their water heating costs. Although many of the company’s products are designed for home use, some are also suitable for recreational installations, such as within your boat or RV. And finally, the company goes above and beyond to develop green energy technologies, which will satisfy and protect Mother Earth!


tankless water heater rheem

Rheem is a highly reputable company and is best known for their heating and cooling products. They specifically focus on heating and cooling technologies, which will make the consumer’s life a smidgen more relaxed and comfortable. So, it is no coincidence that they also manufacture tankless water heaters. The company offers an enormous number of different tankless water heaters and the majority of them are covered by a one-year warranty on parts and a ten-year warranty on heat exchange components.

The company’s water heaters are compact, lightweight and very easy to install. They’re available in electrical and gas models.


tankless water heater eecotemp

EccoTemp is yet another company, which has diligently devoted itself to water heaters, especially those that are tankless. The company’s products are widely available and some are even sold at camping supply stores, since they’re portable and suitable for this specific purpose. Although it depends on the specific model you select, the company does offer a ten-year warranty on most of their products and this protects the heat exchanger. A five-year warranty covered the rest of the components. Again, this may differ slightly from products to product.

The company offers an assortment of different tankless heaters and they’re available in different styles, including black and white color schemes. They also sell re-conditioned units, so the consumers can save even more money than they would elsewhere.


tankless water heater takagi

Takagi manufactures an assortment of tankless water heaters and they’re products are specifically designed to provide the consumer with endless hot water. Their products are compact in size and capable of cutting the user’s energy consumption in half. The company has been in the industry since 1952 and they have several regional offices, including one in California, Tennessee and New Jersey. The company was the first water heater company within the North American market to specialize solely in tankless products.
They’re also the first to implement the use of the air-fuel ratio rod, which helps to make the water heater substantially safer.

The company always provides an excellent warranty on each and every one of their products. For many, the consumer will be able to benefit from a fifteen-year warranty on the heat exchanger, a five-year warranty on the parts and a single year on the labor. The company’s products are reliable, durable and always deliver an exceptional performance.


tankless water heater noritz

Noritz is an American manufacturer of tankless hot water heaters. They’re based out of Fountain Valley, California and also have an office within Marietta, Georgia. The company offers extensive warranties on each and every one of their water heaters, including a twelve-year replacement guarantee on heat exchanges, as long as they’re used within a single family dwelling. Commercial products are covered for five-years. And, all products receive a one-year warranty on reasonable labor. The company offers three lines of water heaters, so each consumers will be able to find something that satisfies their unique needs.
When compared to many of the lower quality alternatives, Noritz excels in terms of quality and craftsmanship. And finally, the company’s customer service is topnotch and highly responsive. Those looking for an excellent water heater should not shy away from this company and their products.

tankless water heater brands

Now that you’ve learned about some of the top brands on the market, it is time to delve deeper into their products. Remember to compare each product to your precise needs and desires, so you can eventually find the one that suits you and your family the best.

Best Electric Tankless Hot Water Heater

EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater

ecosmart electric

Many consumers will agree that a good electric tankless water heater can be incredibly beneficial for an assortment of different reasons. The EcoSmart ECO 27 exemplifies this statement perfectly. This 240-volt water heater is affordable, compact and will ensure you never run out of hot water ever again. In total, this water heater is capable of saving your family up to twelve cubic feet of storage space. The product is equipped with a digital temperature control mechanism, which allows the consumers to adjust the temperature in one-degree increments. If you want a precise temperature, you’ll get as close as possible with the ECO 27.

Just remember that you’ll need at least two hundred amps of power to utilize this product. The EcoSmart is designed to help your household save up to fifty percent on their water heating costs and the unit’s self-modulating technology is thoroughly impressive. The tankless water heater is capable of heating approximately three gallons per minute, when the temperature is set to thirty-seven degrees.


  • Very stylish, compact, and surprisingly affordable
  • Digital temperature control mechanism delivers 1-degree temperature changes
  • Capable of handling 6 gallons of water per minute
  • Can supply four showers and a sink at once
  • Protected by a lifetime warranty
  • Can help you save 50% on water heating charges
  • Weighs just under 17 pounds


  • Warranty doesn’t cover incidental damages or labor
  • Installation is slightly more difficult than you might imagine

Overall Assessment

All in all, the EcoSmart ECO 27 is an excellent addition to any household. The tankless water heater might be compact, but it can deliver a substantial amount of water. As long as you know the unit’s limitations and take these into consideration, you’ll love the unit and its size, affordability, and overall performance.

EcoSmart ECO 18 Electric Tankless Water Heater

electric ecosmart water heater

EcoSmart is undoubtedly one of the most notable names within the electric tankless water heater market. The company’s water heaters tend to be compact, lightweight and capable of producing a substantial amount of hot water on demand. The ECO 18 has become one of the company’s most popular products, due to its ease of installation, compact size, and its capacity. This water heater is more than capable of producing 2.5 gallons of water per minute, so it can simultaneously supply two showers. Many homeowners will be able to use this product to save as much as 60% on their existing water heating expenses.

The unit is also equipped with a digital temperature controller, which allows for changes as small as 1 degree increments. The water heater features Eco Smart’s exclusive Self-Modulating Technology and is protected by a lifetime warranty, when it is used within a residential setting. Just remember that this unit required at least 150 amps of power.


  • Weighs just 14 pounds
  • Very compact and measures in at just 17 by 14 by 3.5 inches
  • Element, exchanger and electronics are covered by a lifetime warranty
  • Can heat over 2.5 gallons of water per minute
  • Can heat the entire home, as long as incoming water temperature is 62 degrees or higher
  • Provides an endless supply of hot water
  • Only uses the energy that is needed, so you can save as much as 60%
  • Capable of sufficiently supplying 2 showers at the same time
  • Digital temperature control offers precise customization


  • The need for 2 Double Pole 40-Amp Breakers can be an annoyance
  • Energy savings won’t satisfy everyone

Overall Assessment

When it comes down to it, EcoSmart is a great brand and this is easily confirmable with the company’s ECO 18. The product does have a few minor cons, but they’re certainly not enough of a reason to ignore the water heater. In fact, the pros greatly overshadow these minor problems. The installation is easy, as long as you’ve got the necessary space in your breaker box. You’ll most likely be able to pull it off on your own.

Rheem RTE 13 Electric Tankless Water Heater

tankless water heater rheem

Many consumers will want to save money and will go above and beyond to do so in any way possible. If you happen to fall into this category, you’ll definitely want to check out the Rheem RTE 13. This electric tankless hot water heater is ideal for a lot of households, due to its versatility, modulating power, and affordability. Despite the low cost, the water heater is actually capable of providing 4 gallons of water per minute, which is more than many of the alternatives on the market. The water heater is only recommended for single shower setups. It utilizes the standard ½” connection, which helps to make the installation procedure much easier than you could ever imagine and also eliminates the need for additional purchased.
The water heater is equipped with a temperature control, as well as a standby mode. The brass/cooper heat exchanger is rugger and very durable.

It’ll prove to be worth its weight in gold and will withstand the test of time. The product is covered by a 1-year warranty on parts and 10-years on the heat exchanger. Just remember that you’ll need to have the unit installed by a licensed technician, in order for the warranty to be valid.


  • Maximum water flow of 4 GPM
  • Energy Star compliant and capable of saving you money
  • Excellent warranty on parts and heat exchanger
  • Compact size and lightweight stature makes installation easier
  • Great for single shower setups
  • Incredibly affordable
  • Temperature control gives the user complete control
  • Also features a standby mode


  • Not suitable for all households
  • Professional installation is a requirement to obtain the warranty

Overall Assessment

The Rheem RTE 13 is an outstanding electric tankless water heater, despite a few minor cons. The product is great for specific situations, will help you save money, and is incredibly affordable. The combination makes it the perfect choice for many households, so be sure to add it to your list of potential investments!

Best Gas Tankless Water Heater

Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG Indoor Tankless Water Heater

tankless water heater takagi gas model

A tankless water heater offers innumerable benefits, including space saving and instant hot water. These two benefits are why many homeowners are trading in their large tank water heater for the spacious tankless model. The Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG is a high-quality tankless water heater that is capable of producing up to 140,000 BTUs. This rating basically means that the water heater will be able to increase the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.

If you invest in this Takagi model, you are guaranteed continuous hot water, even under the most extreme conditions. This is an Energy Star rated appliance, so you can rest assured that your energy bill not increase. In fact, if you are utilizing the T-KJr2-IN-NG as a replacement for a, 80-gallon electric tank water heater, you may actually see a reduction in your monthly energy bill. If this is the case, then the tankless water heater will virtually pay for itself over a period of time.

It is important to note that there is a 10-year and 5-year manufacturer’s warranty with this product, but if it is not installed by a Takagi approved plumber, the warranty will be void. If you have any questions about this requirement, be sure to contact customer support. The great thing about this model is the fact that it is embedded with inlet and outlet thermistors. These features are capable of constantly monitoring the temperature. This will ensure the consumer that the water temperature will be maintained at all times.

This model also delivers a maximum flow rate of 6.6 GPM, this helps to make this water heater ideal for almost any household in the country. The product comes with an energy factor of .81 to .83. Take note that you’ll need a four-inch category III stainless steel vent, in order to utilize this product within your home. The water heater is Energy Star certified and it weighs just 19.4 pounds, which is substantially less than storage alternatives. The product is manufactured in Japan, so you can rest assured knowing it is designed to last.

  • Capable of producing 140,000 BTUs
  • Extensive warranty 10-years on heat exchanger and 5-years on parts
  • Energy star rated appliance
  • Space saving design
  • Weighs around 19 pounds
  • Can be placed anywhere in the home, even the basement, as long as the temperature does not drop below freezing
  • Has a factory preset water temperature of 122 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Manufactured in Japan, which says a lot about its quality


  • When using in higher elevations, you will need to adjust the DIP switch for performance
  • Does not come with a horizontal vent kit, this must be purchased separately

Overall Assessment

The T-KJr2-IN-nG is the smallest model made by Takagi. The product is lightweight, easy to install and very compact. Plus, the warranty is extensive and will give the consumer peace of mind. This is one of the best tankless water heaters on the market, so be sure to consider it, when you are shopping for a modern replacement model.

Rheem RTGH-95DVLN Indoor Tankless Hot Water Heater

tankless water heater rheem indoor

Rheem is undoubtedly one of the leading manufacturers of gas hot water heaters, especially the tankless models. The company’s RTGH-95DVLN is capable of delivering 9.5 GPM of water flow, which will be more than sufficient for the mass majority of households. The unit’s heat exchanger is manufactured from stainless-steel, so you can rest assured knowing it’ll withstand the test of time. The product is Energy Star certified and is 94% Energy Efficient, so it’ll save you money in the long run.


  • 94% Energy efficient rating
  • Heater exchanger is constructed out of stainless steel
  • Equipped with smart control to boost energy efficiency
  • Embedded with a self-diagnostic system
  • Onboard electric blower
  • Capable of producing up to 199,000 BTUs


  • Slightly costly
  • Installation can be tedious

Overall Assessment

Although this unit is definitely a little more expensive than the alternatives, it is well worth the additional prices. It is more capable than the alternatives and can easily supply an entire house with the hot water it needs to satisfy the entire family. Whether you have a small, medium or large family, you guarantee this water heater will serve your needs.

Rheem RTG-64XLN 6.4 GPM Outdoor Tankless Water Heater

tankless water heater takagi indoor

Are you looking for the perfect solution to heat your home’s water? What if you could have an endless amount of hot water, when you wanted it and have an endless amount of it? That is exactly what the Rheem RTG Outdoor Tankless Water Heater can provide you with, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. This space saving unit comes in a unique sleek design that will save you a bundle of cash and space. The dimensions are 14” W x 10” D x 26” H.
The unit is capable of producing 6.8 gallons of water per minute, which makes it ideal for medium sized homes. Unfortunately, this unit is only available in natural gas, but if your home is powered by natural gas you are in luck.

This model comes with a digital thermostat and an extra 10 feet of thermostat wiring. This makes the installation a little easier, while saving you a bit of money in the process. The digital display operation is very self-explanatory and reading the temperature will even be easier.

Another unique thing about this unit is that is comes equipped with a self-diagnostic system. In the event that you ever experience any problems with the unit the self-diagnostic system will help you pinpoint the problem for easy repair. Most outdoor units like this one have a problem with freezing temperatures, but this unit comes equipped with a -30 degrees Fahrenheit freeze protection.

The manual gas isolation valves that are required to operate this unit come along with the purchase of the unit, which will save you a little bit of extra money.


This is a great water heater with lots of features, but the most notable will be listed below.

  • Includes 10’ of extra thermostat wire
  • Includes manual gas isolation valves
  • Produces 6.8 gallons of water per minute
  • Digital display makes reading temperatures a breeze
  • -30 Degrees Fahrenheit freeze protection
  • On board self-diagnostic system


  • Only available in natural gas
  • Outdoor model only

Overall Assessment

If you are looking for an outdoor water heater you simply cannot go wrong with the Rheem RTG Outdoor Tankless Water Heater. You can see from the above review that this water heater truly does have a lot to offer any home.

Best Propane Tankless Water Heater

Takagi T-H3-DV-P Condensing Indoor Tankless Water Heater

tankless water heater takagi propare

Hot water is a very important aspect of every home or business. The all-new H3-DV Tankless Water Heater can tackle that job with ease. This water heater is capable of pumping out 10 gallons of water per minute, making it suitable for small businesses or larger homes. While this product is available in propane and natural gas, the propane water heater has a BTU input of 199,000. This basically means that the water heater is capable of producing enough hot water for a home with 3-4 bathrooms.

You are probably used to those large bulky hot water heaters that take up an entire closet space. Well, with the Takagi you do not have to worry about that, because the sleek and compact design will actually save you room. The water heater can be hung on an interior wall to provide you with even more floor space.

The Takagi comes equipped with a primary copper heat exchanger, and a stainless steel secondary heat exchanger. Along with this the heat exchanger tubing is constructed of copper alloy. All of this is going to greatly increase the lifespan of the unit, as the heat exchangers are one of the most important parts of a water heater. On top of all of this you never have to worry about pilot light going out, because this model is equipped with an electronic pilot light.


Below, you will learn about some of the great qualities of this new water heater.

  • Available is propane or natural gas
  • Durable heat exchanger and tubing
  • BTU input of 199,000
  • Provides instant hot water
  • Sleek and compact design will save you room
  • Electronic pilot light
  • Comes with wall installation hardware


As great as this product is it does come along with some disadvantages.

  • Not available in electric
  • Not the cheapest model on the market
  • Consumer must hire an approved Takagi plumber to install the water heater or the warranty will be void

Overall Asssessment

At the end of the day, you need hot water and there is not a more reliable unit on the market than the Takagi H3 Tankless Water Heater. This water heater has a heavy duty construction and can save you money on your energy bill.

Eccotemp FVI-12-LP Propane Tankless Water Heater

tankless water heater ecotemp propane

For many years, people lived without hot water in their homes, but nowadays this seems like a foreign concept. With that being said, in order to provide your home with hot water you need a water heater. The Eccotemp Tankless Water Heater is the perfect solution to your hot water demands. While the unit is only capable of pumping out 3 gallons per minute, it is designed perfectly for smaller homes or vacation cabins. If you live in a smaller home you are probably pressed for space, and the Eccotemp can actually save you tons of space thanks to the compact design. The dimensions are 24” H x 15” W x 7 ½” D and only weighs 20 pounds.

Unfortunately, this water heater is only available in propane, but it is capable of producing 25,000 to 75,000 BTUs.

This unit also comes equipped with a power ventilation fan, which means a fan will actually push the exhaust out of your home through the exhaust pipe. This neat little feature provides extra safety. The unit also has separate independent gas and water controls, so you pretty much have complete control over the unit.

The digital temperature display makes it easy for you to read the temperature that you water heater is putting out. The Eccotemp operates off of 120 volts and ½” water piping, which is that standard for most water heaters. This should make replacing that old water heater a much easier job. You will not have to retrofit any electrical or water piping.


Some of the Eccotemp’s FVI-12-LP tankless water heater’s best features will be listed below.

  • Utilizes 120 volts of electric power and ½” water piping
  • Very compact design saves space
  • Produces 3 gallons of water per minute
  • Very affordable replacement model
  • Independent water and gas controls
  • Digital temperature display
  • Capable of producing 25,000 to 75,000 BTUs
  • Power ventilation

Overall Assessment

If you live in a smaller home and looking to replace that old water heater, the Eccotemp is the perfect answer for you, as long as your home is propane compatible. You will not find a more affordable tankless water heater on the market with these features.

Marey Power Gas Tankless Water Heater

tankless water heater marey

So, you are looking to replace your old water heater, but do not know where to start? Well, have you ever considered going with a tankless water heater? Take a look at the Marey Power Gas Tankless Water Heater. This model is available in natural and propane gas, so you do not need to make alterations to the existing plumbing. To start off, this product can save you tons of money on your monthly energy bill. The unit is very simple to install and can be done by most homeowners, which will save you a bundle of extra cash. On top of this the water heater itself is very affordable.

The Marey water heater does not even use any electricity, so you can save yourself some money of electrical cost.

However, the product does require a 2 D Cell battery for operation, instead of electricity. The unit is capable of providing hot water in just a matter of seconds and only uses gas, when the water is turned on. Installed on the front panel of the unit you will find adjustable gas and water control knobs, which will allow you to control the gas and water flow to the unit.

The digital display panel makes it very easy to read the temperature of the water that is coming out of the heater. This unit is capable of producing 3.1 gallons of water per minute, which makes it the perfect design for a smaller sized home. Most traditional water heaters are large, bulky, and take up a lot of space, but that is something you do not have to worry about with the Marey Tankless. It only weighs in at 21 pounds and the dimensions are 24” H x 14” W x 7” D. This unit is also known for working well in conjunction with low water pressure levels.


  • Available in propane and natural gas
  • DIY installation process optional
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Does not use electricity, but does require a 2 D Cell battery
  • Only uses gas, when water is turned on (decreases natural gas wastes)
  • Equipped with easily adjustable gas and water knobs
  • Digital display makes it easy to read water temperature
  • Very compact design
  • Works great with low water pressure levels


  • Does not come with a propane regulator or hoses
  • Requires 4” vent piping, even though the standard size is 3”, so you will need to invest in an adaptor

Overall Asssessment

Hot water has become a necessity over the years and if you are in need of instant hot water the Marey Power Gas Tankless Water Heater will be great for you. As you can see from the above information, this water heater is not only affordable, but helps homeowners decrease natural gas wastes and save money on their energy bill.